Finely Tuned Body Symphonys

“Leah did a treatment for me recently on a weekend trip to Austin, TX.  At the beginning of the treatment (I hope I say this right) as she got her bearings on my energy, Leah immediately exclaimed that I wasn't really in my body.  She worked on me for an hour or so...and I don't know how to explain it other than to say, I could absolutely tell a difference in how I stood in the world afterwards.  She is an artist.  I am so glad that I had the honor of experiencing the benefit of Leah's talents”.
J. J. Phoenix, AZ

“I had been to acupuncture and believed that I had nerve damage from one of the needles that had been placed in my forehead.  For several months I had shooting pains through my head.  I could feel it on the inside and outside of my head.  I had a session with Leah and she was immediately drawn, without me saying anything, to my forehead.  She released the energy in my forehead/head, and the same day all the pain was gone.  It has been a month or so, and it is still gone.  I highly recommend Leah for everything”!
R. M. Murphy, TX

“For the first time in months I can get out of the car and just walk (like normal people do) without stabilizing myself before I take off.  THANK YOU”!    
S.D. Endwell, NY

“I came for CranioSacral therapy, and after last week’s session it feels like my brain has been turned on”!
K.F. Dallas, TX

“I had been feeling out of sorts for about two weeks when I decided to go see Leah.  It is hard to describe how I was feeling, my husband told me to go see our family doctor and I explained to him "I don't think they could figure it out, I can barely figure it out".  Here were my symptoms: fatigue, constipation and diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, depression, and overall dissatisfaction with life.  I'm sure the doctors could of found lots of pills for me to take and lots of tests to charge me for.  Instead I went to see Leah, and during my session lots of things came up that led her to my whole stomach area, lots of feelings that I had buried regarding one of my sisters acting like a victim.  It turned out that I couldn't "stomach" it. After my session my stomach felt like I had done 200 crunches!!  Within hours all of my symptoms had vanished and I was happy with life again!  Amazing results, thank you Leah for all your knowledge and understanding of energy work!  This is the best Health Care Reform I have ever experienced”!
R.M. Murphy, TX

 “I came in feeling like I was just completely worn out.  My feet hurt, my hands hurt, and I felt so slow and absolutely useless.  I was so tired and so wiped out. Now I’m feeling like a human being again.  It’s amazing how my feet are not swollen now, my ankles are not swollen, and my toes are not hurting.  I can move them around.  My shoulders are more relaxed.  I feel great!  I feel like I have been energized.  I don’t know how you do it, but you did it.  I feel great!  I needed everything you did today (CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology and Lymph).  It was great, thank you”!
C.S. Richardson, TX  

“My body felt like it was listing to the right side.  It didn’t feel straight.  Now it feels aligned and straight and I feel a lot better.  During the session I felt a deep sense of calm.  My body would just sort of give, release.  It feels straighter and my right leg feels better, my neck and shoulders, everywhere.  I feel better all over, more in tune, more aligned.  I had my tires aligned today too, so I’m getting everything in alignment today”.  
L.S. Plano, TX

“I came for pain left over from kidney stones.  BodyTalk worked almost immediately.  After 3 appointments the pain was gone.  I had gone 3 months with Traditional Medicine with no relief. Another concern was the pain I'd been having in my finger that turned out to be connected to an old issue around guilt and is now clear.  I tried weaning myself off getting BodyTalk, but now find that regular monthly maintenance works best”.
A.H. Murphy, TX

“It felt like I had a vice around my ribs, or maybe some giant hand was squeezing the life out of me.  My mid back was so tight it was wrapping around to the front.  I was having trouble getting a deep breath.  The process released my ribs and mid body and as she was working she kept saying, breath.  Yeah, right.  The more she worked the deeper my breathing got.  I could actually inhale all the way by the time my session ended.  At one point I had a realization of an area of my life where I had been resisting change.  I have since moved out of my home office and into an office complex and business is better than ever.  Thanks for helping me to move forward in my life”.
C.S. Garland, TX

“After trying other therapies, I tried BodyTalk and found that my body responded more quickly and with more lasting effects.  I am almost pain free and now function in my every day life with a new and improved feeling of wellness”.
S.H. Carrollton, TX

“Every time I'm on your table, I end up having some profound revelation”.
S.L. Garland, TX

“Reflexology is the most luxurious way to take care of my whole body.  Every time Leah does my feet I ask, "Is it my birthday?"  When she gets done my whole body feels relaxed.  Even my shoulders and neck which were tense when I came in are relaxed.  Sometimes she even works on my body what she finds in my feet.  This is not just a luxury for me, this is what keeps me on my feet.  Thanks to Leah, my feet and my whole body are in much better shape”.
T.T. Plano, TX

“After my treatment I felt more relaxed and aligned.  The best part was that two days after my treatment, I noticed my foot pain was gone”.
M.W. Allen, TX

“When I came for my Relexology appointment, my toes were blue and purple. Leah immediately did BodyTalk and by the time she'd finished my toes were normal colored again. Then she finished with Reflexology and my feet are happy again”!
R.M. Garland,TX

“I came in sneezing and blowing and Leah immediately did BodyTalk.  While she was working on me I could feel the sinus allergy reaction going away”.
C.S. Richardson, TX

“My allergies were so bad I couldn't go outside to play with my children.  After my BodyTalk session, I spent the whole afternoon and the next day outside”.
R.M. Murphy,TX

“I fell this morning and after seeing Leah for my CranioSacral Therapy session, I felt realigned and like she'd put me back in my body.  I feel so much better. Thanks”!!
M.M. Garland, TX

“I've been going to Leah for years for regular pain and stress relief maintenance. When I first started going, my body was so tense and tight that it took a while for me to even let go and let myself drift off.  The chronically tight areas have melted unless I do something to mess up my body.  I am in better shape than ever.  I now swim regularly and use my bike without all the physical repercussions that I used to have.  Getting CranioSacral Therapy is the most relaxing time of my week.  The best part is that all she has to do is touch a tight muscle and it goes into a tighten/release process and then just drops.  I never used to be able to feel what she was doing, but now I do.  Sometimes something lets go in an area where she isn't even working.  Every time that happens, she always reminds me that "everything is connected".
R.D. Parker, TX

“Before a recent BodyTalk session with Leah, I had participated in an outdoor event for 3 days in 100 degree temperatures.  After the event I felt like I had a mild heat stroke, I had a continuous headache, dizziness, and fatigue.  I drank lots of Gatorade and rested but still I didn't feel right. The day I had my scheduled appointment I had done some work outside and one hour before I came to the session I had a severe headache and dizziness.  I was so dizzy I wondered if I could drive.  I made it to the appointment and lay on the table, and as soon as she started the session, my dizziness stopped and the headache started to disappear! During the session, everything was associated to the sun, heat and hydration! I am so thankful that BodyTalk is here, I probably would have ended up in the hospital! Thanks so much!!  I can now stand the heat and the sun”!
R.M. Murphy, TX

"What a wonderful experience!  Reflexology/bodywork is the best thing ever. I had gone through 6 months of physical therapy for hip problems and was no better. After a few appointments with Leah I got relief.  Not to mention the headaches and stress in my shoulders disappeared without pain or drugs.  Doctors have always had trouble diagnosing issues with me, but Leah zones in and provides relief along with tips I can do easily to help in between appointments.  I would recommend this to anyone".
B.C. Wylie, TX

“Reflexology is a must for me.  Leah has been working wonders on me for over 10 years now.  I am now on a 2 week maintenance schedule but many times due to my busy life and travel, I either extend my treatment or get a treatment every week.  I fully recommend reflexology by Leah as long as you do not get my appointment time.  Ha ha"!
C.S. Richardson, TX

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