Works the whole body

Reflexology works on the thousands of nerve endings in the feet.  

As congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding area in the body, the body's systems are stimulated to create physical change throughout the body.  Working the reflex points in the feet can help restore and maintain the body's natural balance.

The outdated beliefs that the “crunchies” or “crystals” found in the feet have been proven false through research. Dr. Manzanare, who has conducted 30 years of medical reflexology research, found through biopsies that the crunchies are actually a combination of nervous fibers, vascular elements, connective tissue in the hypodermis instead of what was erroneously believed to be deposits of uric or lactic acids. He also confirmed the direct involvement of the nervous system’s connection through the biopsies, finding a composition difference in the deposits (crunchy areas) versus areas of non-deposits (normal areas).

Non-deposit tissue contained 8% nervous fibers, 27% vascular elements, 65% connective tissue, and deposit tissue contained 42% nervous fibers, 28% vascular elements, 30% connective tissue. Working out the entangled nerve fibers through reflexology allows the nervous system to rebalance along with organs, endocrines, and body parts.

A typical session starts with anointing the feet with an essential oil called Grounding (optional), and opening up the lymph behind the knee followed by flushing of the calf and ankle.  The feet are worked in detail focusing on areas of restriction, tension, or pain.  In addition to Reflexology techniques, advanced massage techniques may also be used as needed.  Stretching and range of motion exercises are used next to increase flexibility and range of motion in the feet followed by hydrotherapy with hot towels.  As the towels are cooling, areas found in the feet may be addressed in the body using various techniques as needed.  

Areas benefiting from Reflexology include:

  • Assists balancing in every area of the body
  • Eases the mind
  • Counteracts stress
  • Promotes relaxation and healing
  • Leaves you with happy feet
  • A feeling of being pampered


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No techniques talked about on this website are meant to replace  allopathic  medical modalities, but they can act in integration with them.  Please check with your healthcare practitioner if you are not sure.  Some therapies might have certain contraindications, so please make sure your therapist is kept up to date on any health issues.  We each need to be the CEO of our own team of healthcare practitioners. It is strongly encouraged that everyone take charge of their own health, and develop an integrative healthcare team of support professionals for all your varying needs.